Terms of use
Terms of use

Terms of Use

Qeebey provides services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and this agreement has contractual validity. You must fully agree to this agreement to be able to enjoy the services provided by this website. The successful registration means that you fully accept all the terms of this agreement. When registering a user, please carefully read the " Qeebey User Service Agreement", please review and accept or not accept this "Agreement”. Unless you accept the terms of this Agreement, you have no right to use the relevant services provided on this website. Your behavior will be regarded as acceptance of this "Agreement” and agree to accept the constraints of the terms of this "Agreement".


The following words used in this agreement, unless otherwise defined, shall have the following meanings:

1.1 "This website" refers to "Qeebey" (qeebey.com) unless otherwise specified.
1.2 "User" refers to an individual or organization that meets the conditions specified in this agreement, agrees to abide by the various rules and terms of this website and uses this website (including but not limited to this agreement).

2.User qualifications

2.1 Only persons or entities that meet one of the following conditions can apply to become users of this website and can use the services of this website.
2.1.1 A natural person who has reached the age of eighteen and has capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct;
2.1.2 Natural persons under the age of eighteen but whose guardians (including but not limited to parents) give written consent;
2.1.3 Companies, enterprises, institutions, social organizations and other organizations established and legally existed in accordance with Chinese laws or the laws, regulations and/or rules of the place of establishment. If Persons with limited capacity for civil conduct and organizations without business or specific business qualifications improperly have registered as users of this website or engaged in transactions beyond the scope of their civil rights or capacity for conduct, it is invalid from the beginning for the agreement between them. Once discovered, Qeebey has the right to immediately cancel the user and pursue all legal responsibilities for using the "service" of this website.

2.2 The user must have a clear contact address and telephone number and provide the real name.

3. Users' rights and obligations

3.1 Users have the right to use the online trading platform to publish task information, query user information, participate in relevant activities on this website, and have the right to enjoy other relevant information and information services provided by this website in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the relevant rules published on this website.
3.2 The user has the right to change the login and withdrawal passwords as needed. The user shall be fully responsible for all activities and events conducted under the username.

3.3 The user is obliged to ensure that any information provided to this website is true and accurate, including but not limited to real name, ID number, contact phone address, postal code, etc. Ensure that this website can communicate with user through the above-mentioned contact information. At the same time, the user is also obliged to update the relevant registration information in time when the relevant information actually changes.

3.4 Users shall not transfer or authorize others to use their user accounts on this website in any form without authorization.

3.5 Users are obliged to ensure that the task information posted on the online trading platform of this website is true, accurate and not misleading.

3.6 Users must not publish information prohibited by the country on the online publishing platform of this website. They must not publish information that infringes on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others or publish information that violates public interests or public morals.

3.7 Users should abide by the principle of honesty and credit in transactions on this website, and must not disrupt the order of online transactions by interfering or manipulating publishing tasks or other unfair competition methods, and must not engage in improper behavior unrelated to online transactions, and must not publish any illegal information on the trading platform.

3.8 The user understands and confirms that any published and uploaded via the services provided by this website, including but not limited to text data, photos, graphics information or other materials (hereinafter referred to as "content"), whether publicly or privately transmitted, shall be borne by the content provider with responsibility. This website only provides users with content storage space for this service and cannot effectively control and judge the legality of the corresponding content. Therefore, it does not guarantee the correctness, integrity or quality of the content. If any organization or individual believes that the content of this website infringes their legal rights, please contact this website.

4.Amendments and revisions

Qeebey reserves the right to modify the terms of service when necessary. Once the terms of service are changed, Qeebey will promptly modify the content on important pages. The main changes include service standards and charging standards. Qeebey reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notifying the users. Qeebey exercises the right to modify or discontinue the service without being responsible to users or third parties.

5.Interruption and termination

Users or Qeebey can interrupt one or more services at any time based on actual conditions. Qeebey does not need to be responsible for any individual or third party. Users who disagree with the subsequent amendments to the terms or are dissatisfied with the services provided by Qeebey can exercise the following rights:

5.1 Stop using Qeebey 's network services.
5.2 Notice that Qeebey will stop the service to the user. After ending the user service, the user's right to use the network service is immediately suspended. From that moment on, users have no rights, and Qeebey is not obliged to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to users or third parties.